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New Machines

Are you looking for new or used agricultural equipment from a trusted partner?

Want your machine to be of premium quality?

You have come to the right place. New and used machines and equipment manufactured in Germany.

Find your machine in our EXCHANGE or order your new machine according to your personal configuration

John Deere
Tractors in the series:

5E (55PS-75PS)
5G (75PS-100PS)
5M (70PS-100PS)
5R (90PS-125PS)

6MC (90PS-110PS)
6M (115PS-170PS)
6RC (95PS-115PS)
6R (110PS-155PS)

6R (175PS-250PS)
7R (210PS-310PS)
8R / 8RT (245PS-400PS)
9R / 9RT (410PS-560PS)
9RX (470PS-620PS)

Combines of the series:

W300 / W400
W - series
T - series
S700 Series
Complete range of heads

Silage Harvesters:

8000 series


M700 / M700i - series
M900 / M900i - series
R900i - series
Self-propelled R4040i and R4050i


Autumn Seeder 740A
750A Semi-direct seed drill
Spring drill 1725NT


Variable Camera Rollers: G, M and R Series
Non-Variable Camera Rolls: F400 Series
Combi presses: C4 * 1R series
Large baler presses L1500

Front loaders for tractors:

H - series
R - series


With front suspension:
With rear suspension

Precision Agriculture Systems (AMS)

Universal packages
RTK systems
Silage systems
Machine tracking systems

Other brands of agricultural machinery:

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