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Cookies policy

What are so-called cookies?


These are text files that are stored on a device (computer, phone, tablet, etc.) when you visit a website. These files are very small in size and are used to make the site easier to use while retaining customizations (username, password, set topics, etc.) and can also be used to collect information to make easily offering the products you need. In general, cookies can be considered as the ID card of a computer, which allows the website to understand that a user is reusing the site.


What cookies do we use?


We use two types of cookies - temporary and fixed cookies. The first are temporary files that are generated on a user's computer until he or she exits the website or closes the application (web browser). The fixed files remain on the user's computer for the time specified in the cookie parameters or until they are manually deleted by the user.


What are cookies used for? uses cookies only for the purposes of Kerchev & Sons OOD / Kerchev & Sons Machinery EOOD and to facilitate the use of the site without providing information to third parties. The goals of the company are expressed in marketing researches with the purpose of preparation of preliminary plans of action, comparison of products, analysis of needs and searches of clients and others.


Do cookies contain personal information?


Cookies alone do not contain personally identifiable information. The information in them depends on the information entered by the user.


Are cookies dangerous?


No. Cookies are small text files that cannot be used as computer programs or malware.


Delete cookies


At any time, any user of may delete cookies stored on his or her device through the browser and set settings to stop all cookies from our site. However, this may cause some site malfunctions during usage.


Cookies Policy


Any future changes to our cookie policy will be posted here. If necessary, we will notify you of any changes by email in accordance with the Terms and Conditions.

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