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Kerchev & Sinove OOD owns and operates a logistics center in Ruse, located near our own port on the Danube River.

The logistic center is also very close to the Danube bridge, neighbouring the state-owned port of Ruse East.  

The port location is:  

  • at 120/200 km by water/road to the port of Constanta, Romania;
  • at 70 km from Bucharest, Romania;
  • at 200 km from the port of Varna, Bulgaria;
  • at 250 km from the port of Burgas, Bulgaria;

The Company owns an area of 15.000 sq. m. in East industrial zone, including industrial reinforced concrete buildings.


Logistics centre and port services in Ruse:

  • Newly built road infrastructure to the logistic centre.
  • Guaranteed water level of 2.5 meters in the port by regular dredging
  • One berth with length 115 meters, horizontal wall
  • Loading and unloading of general and bulk cargo
  • Automobile equipment: telescopic handler, forklift, tractor, trailer for bulk cargoes, trailer for oversized cargoes
  • Electronic truck scale with capacity of 60 tons
  • Video monitoring and 24-hour security guards


The storage facilities have the following specifications:

  • Buildings of reinforced concrete with an area of over 3,000 sq. m.
  • A new portal crane with load capacity of 20 tons
  • Fully renovated roof
  • New concrete flooring with polished concrete and fibre
  • Certificate for storing Ammonium nitrate and other synthetic fertilizers
  • Capacity to store oversized cargo in a covered storage facility
  • Brandmauer reinforced walls and doors
  • Fire protection system
  • Administrative offices.


Our newest service we offer is the logistic of oversized and heavy machines thanks to the new specialized platform.

  • VA Intertrading AG – Logistic of agricultural machines
  • Pöttinger Landtechnik GmbH –  Logistic of agricultural machines



  • Grain terminal (silos with capacity of 5х 1200 tons)
  • Ship cargo handling: 24/7
  • Belt conveyer with capacity of 300 tons/hour
  • Legalized packaging of bulk cargo: fertilizers or grain
  • Devices for fast quality analysis of grain and oilseed crops
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