The company "Kerchev and Sons" Ltd. is the owner and operator of logistics base in Rousse located...">
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"Kerchev and Sons" Ltd.

The company "Kerchev and Sons" Ltd. is the owner and operator of logistics base in Rousse located next to its own port on the Danube.

The base is near the Danube Bridge, next to the state port East.

120/200 km water / land to the port of Constanta, Romania;
70 km to Bucharest, Romania;
200 km to the port of Varna, Bulgaria;
250 km to the Port of Bourgas, Bulgaria;

We have a plot of 6000 square meters in the eastern industrial zone, on which there are massive industrial concrete buildings.


Logistics base and port services:

Newly constructed internal road infrastructure;

Concrete area: 1800 sq. Meters, recently closed with lift,

Guaranteed water level by 2.5 meters by regular dredging.

A berth in the firth of DDF: length 115 meters, a horizontal wall;

Loading and unloading of general and bulk cargo;

Automotive Engineering: 1x Telescopic handlers, forklift 1x, 1x tractor tug 1x, 1x trailer bulk 1x trailer for oversized loads

Video surveillance and round the clock security guards;


Storage buildings have the following characteristics:

Reinforced concrete buildings with an area of ‚Äč‚Äčover 3000:

New gantry crane Liftingheight than 20 tonnes,

Completely renewed roof

Improved and reinforced walls

New concrete flooring with polished concrete and fiber

Certified storage of ammonium nitrate and other fertilizers

Ability to store indoors for oversized loads

Firewall reinforced walls and doors

Fire water supply system with a minimum of 10 liters / sec.

administrative part


Some of our clients:

BA Intetrading - DF logistics to warehouse

Pöttinger - Logistics to warehouse and delivery to endpoint on the territory of Bulgaria;



Grain terminal (silos with a capacity of 1200 tons 5x, 120/300 tons / hour, fodder factory);

Railway Infrastructure;

Handling of cargo: 00-24 hours from Monday to Sunday;

RORO port;

Belt transport capacity of 300 tons / hour, closed tapes;

Legalized packing of bulk cargo: artificial fertilizer or grain;

Electronic truck scale with a capacity of 60 tonnes;

Equipment for rapid analysis of grains and oilseeds;

port crane

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