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    Earlier this year Kerchev sons and add new activities to its portfolio: Logistics of agricultural machinery Deutz Fahr and Pöttinger of the Territory of Bulgaria and Romania from the port Ruse- East and storage of cargo in its own logistics center with covered area of 3000 sq m . near the port center.

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    Kerchev and Sons Ltd became the first and only trusted service and consultant Bulstrad in the IC industry Agriculture, Construction and Heavy Machinery.

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    German company Kerchev und Sohne Gmbh became the main supplier of new machines, spare parts and equipment to help Bulgarian agriculture.

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    Kerchev and Sons Ltd became the sole owner of part of the port in the eastern industrial zone starting implementation of the project for construction of grain port.

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    The company opened an office in central Pordim for the convenience of customers.

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    Pordim city`s service center opened. To date already is a serious factor in the supply and servicing of agricultural machinery and services related to the Territory of Bulgaria.

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    Commission time silo Pelishat village.

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    Begins construction of Commerce - gr.Pordim service base, which is an area over 2,000 sq. M and provides farmers in northern Bulgaria tranquility that have trusted service to yourself.

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    Since its launch in 2007. Kerchev and Sons Ltd participates annually in European development programs in the sectors of Agriculture, Human Resources, Improving the quality of work and many others.

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    A Kerchev and Sons Ltd - a family company with an initial trading activity. Subsequently expanded its activities and started to deal with agriculture, such as rent and buy agricultural land in the city. Pleven. In a further development, the company offers import of agricultural machinery, spare parts and consumables brands "John Deere" and "Lemken", as well as diagnostics, setup and maintenance of machines of the same brands.